Monday, April 25, 2011

Classic Video Games And Classic Video Game Systems

  Atari 2600

Atari LYNX

SEGA Master System

Phantasy Star
  Escape From The Midmaster

  Nintendo Entertainment System

R.O.B. Robotic Operating Buddy

It may be of no surprise to all of you, but I just love classic video games and classic video game systems.  Yes, Aunt Martha, I play my Atari 2600 system at least once a week.  To me the modern video games don't leave much to the imagination, the games do all of that for you.  The earlier video games challenged your mind, because the graphics were so minimal.  Consequently, the game designers in those days really had to be creative so that the player could be immersed in the experience within the technical limitations of the various systems.  My all time favorite games are "Escape From The Mindmaster, for the Atari 2600 that utilized the Starpath Supercharger which increased the system's RAM, "Phantasy Star" for the SEGA Master System, "The Legend Of Zelda", and the "Dragon Warrior" series for the NES.   By-the-way, just to show you how much of a collector I am, I still have three unopened Starpath Superchargers, sealed in the original shrink-wrap.  Safe journeys to all the fans of Endyr's Toy Box, wherever you may be.

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